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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to come to you ?
What do AP Tuning require from me ?
Does it matter if my car is manual/automatic ?
How much does a remap cost ?
Will my van benefit from remapping ?
We've noticed that vans seem to get amazing gains from our remapping process - this is for two reasons:
- Diesel engines (and especially turbo diesels) benefit far more from this process than petrol engines, as they usually have a wide variety of limiters in place, stopping your van from reaching it's true potential.

- Remapping increases the torque of the engine, meaning that you'll have more power when you need it when your van is fully loaded.

What warranty do AP Tuning provide ?
Will remapping a car affect the cars warranty ?
Can the remap be reversed ?
How is remapping different to chipping ?
What is remapping ?
Is there any risk to my car ?
What's the likely effect on fuel consumption ?
Will I have to inform my insurers ?
Why don’t the car manufacturers do the remapping in the first place ?

Question not listed ? please contact us.

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