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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to come to you ?
What do AP Tuning require from me ?
Does it matter if my car is manual/automatic ?
How much does a remap cost ?
Will my van benefit from remapping
What warranty do AP Tuning provide ?
Will remapping a car affect the cars warranty
Can the remap be reversed
How is remapping different to chipping
What is remapping
Is there any risk to my car

What's the likely effect on fuel consumption
If you are a frugal driver to start with then your economy will improve. If you are going to use the power more often and drive the car faster - your consumption will drop as it would anyway. When we remap an ECU the open loop parameters for fuel are altered to give more performance, so if this extra performance is always used then you will use more fuel. But if normal driving is observed then fuel consumption is unaffected (on motorway driving many customers have actually noticed better fuel economy after remapping).

Will I have to inform my insurers
Why don’t the car manufacturers do the remapping in the first place ?

Question not listed ? please contact us.

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